Sip – A Refreshingly Simple Color Picker for OSX

The refreshingly simple color picker that instantly samples and encodes any color on your screen. Just one quick click to savor the flavor and you're set!

Color coding goes down easy with Sip. Choose the color model you’re thirsty for, swig a pixel from anywhere on the screen, then hit paste to pour the color’s code into your code editor. Drink up! Less time hunting for hex codes is definitely good for your health.

  • Select the color format you want to use. Choose from: CSS Hex, CSS3 HSL, CSS3 RGB, Calibrated NSColor for HSB, Calibrated NSColor for RGB, Device NSColor for CMYK, Device NSColor for HSB, Device NSColor for RGB, UIColor HSB, UIColorRGB, CGColor Generic RGB, and CGColor Generic CMYK.
  • Set the number of colors to keep in your history.
  • Toggle "All Caps" CSS color formatting.

The Horse and the Goat – An Interview with Milton Glaser

Art enables us to come to our own conclusions. Design pushes us towards a destination.
— Milton Glaser

The Costa Rica International Design Festival asked La Moutique to interview the legendary Milton Glaser, as part of the festival's final evening of speakers. Festival attendees submitted questions, and the following is an interview where Milton Glaser responds to three of these questions.

Minimus V – Minimal Apple Product Mockups

Place the importance on your design and not the phone. Perfect for showcasing your design work and communicating with clients.

  • Simple drag and drop smart object layer allows for easy use.
  • Each screen is painstakingly designed to scale of the actual device (no more resizing).
  • Created using vector shapes, so any size is possible.
  • PSD

Squarespace – Details Campaign

“Details” is a continuation of the themes that are present in "A Better Web Awaits". While our Super Bowl spot aimed to highlight the distinction between a Squarespace website and the clutter and spam we often see on the web, our “Details” spot focuses on the world that Squarespace helps you create – a world where all of the attention that you put into your craft can be captured in your web presence.

Spectrum — App for Color Schemes

Spectrum Color Wheel View

Spectrum Color Wheel View

Powered by color theory.

Spectrum makes it easy to create color schemes using color harmony rules. Using these presets, you can create harmonious and aesthetically pleasing color schemes with ease.

Create schemes from images.

Images are an excellent source for new color scheme inspirations. Spectrum's Photo Palette feature can automagically generate beautiful color schemes from your pictures.

Sync your collection using iCloud.

Spectrum supports syncing over Apple's iCloud. Your entire palette library is synchronized across your Macs, iPhones and iPads.