My name is Eric. I live in Brooklyn and make a living creating a better web at Squarespace. Most of my free time is spent wandering around New York City while I practice the craft of photography.



A stream of links to things I find interesting or useful enough to catalog and share with you. Usually having to do with creativity, design, typography or inspiration



Occasional short-form writing for those times I genuinely have something to say about a subject, place or thing.



I use the Squarespace Blog app to capture and publish thoughts that occur to me while I'm on the go here in New York City.


Simple Advice

Advice given in the most simplest way and designed for all humans.

 Processed with VSCOcam with h4 preset


I am thrilled to be a published photographer, a Crated Artist and to have my contemporary art photography available on a commercial basis through Farmboy Fine Arts.


I work with computers.

Template Developer, Squarespace

It's my dream job, really – working on the world-class design team at Squarespace. I code the templates that are added to the Squarespace system and presented to you when you want to build your own website. Each one is created with modern browsers and devices in mind & employ the latest HTML, CSS techniques. I love writing code that creates a better web.